Geddes Residence

Architect: Robert Geddes

Date of Construction:

Location: Mercer Street and Lovers Lane, Princeton


Floors: 1

Use: Residence

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Robert Geddes’ residence is located at the busy intersection of Mercer Street and Lovers Lane. The house is set far back from the road and is surrounded by retaining walls that block out much of the traffic. The brutalist-style home works well with maintaining a high degree of privacy in such a public place. The house is built around a central core that appears to be open to the sky with four square-shaped pavilions that radiate out from the core. One side of the pavilions open up to the street with either three or four bays of recessed glass. The alternation of heavy material with glass and empty spaces provides a lightness for the residence that otherwise could have been too dense and dramatic for a personal residence. The structure is colored primarily with beige but there are white and black accents among expanses of glass that also alleviates the stress on horizontality and weight.


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