Jadwin Hall

Architect: Hugh Stubbins & Associates of Cambridge, MA

Date of Construction: 1966-1970

Materials: stone, red brick, red granite

Floors: 6, 4 above ground, two below

Uses: Physics/science building, library, classrooms, research facilities

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Jadwin Hall is situated across from Fine Hall and the two are connected by a stone courtyard. Built by Hugh Stubbins & Associates from 1966-1970, Jadwin hall won the Award of Merit in the Architectural Design Award Program for “distinguished accomplishment in architecture” in 1966 in conjunction with Fine Hall.(1) The two building are also joined by a subterranean library that is situated under the courtyard.

The building is made of varying horizontal planes supported by reinforced concrete and steel. The exterior of the building is a mixture of Canadian granite, brick and glass that enhances to shifting of planes by denoting distinct features on each plane.(2) Some floors jut out over the lower floors, in other places there are plays of architectural elements being cut out or jutting out of the facade. The windows serve as a way to tie the whole building together with repetitive, long ribbon windows that have reduced mullions. The shifting planes prevents the building, which lacks ornamentation or any outstanding feature, from becoming too monotonous and overbearing in size.

(1) “Jadwin Hall”. Princeton University, An Interactive Campus History 1746-1996. Princeton University. n.d. Web. 6 April, 2011.

(2) “Jadwin Hall”.


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